It doesn’t matter what you typed in Google to get here, I’m just happy to have another visitor. Chances are, if you’ve come to this site it’s because you’re a gamer. Alternatively you might have someone in your life who is a gamer and you’re looking to learn more about the hobby. Perhaps you want to get into the gaming hobby yourself!

Regardless of your specific interest in gaming and gaming products, you’re sure to find some useful content on this website. I’ve tried to create a place that caters to the diversity of gamers. A site that doesn’t just assume everyone’s playing the latest Call of Battlefield 9 on their consoles. Instead, even niche gaming interests get due attention and as time goes by the site is set to be even more comprehensive.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a “casual” or like to game hardcore. Everyone is welcome to hang up their controller and spend some time delving into the interesting gaming nuggets I’ve dug up after literally hundreds of hours on the internet. Who am I, you ask? Let’s tackle that first.

Who Am I?

The short answer is that I’m a dedicated gamer. I own, well, WAY too many consoles, handhelds and a gaming PC I probably should not have spent so much money on. Yet I would do it all again, because video games are some of the most satisfying pieces of entertainment in existence. They bring together narrative, art and challenge into a package nothing else has matched. There’s a game out there for everyone and gamer gear that enables the maximum enjoyment of those titles.

I’ve written about video games and all the things related to them a lot. In fact, I’ve been writing professionally about them for years now. So this site represents one aspect of my personal investment in gaming. Reading, testing, playing and immersing myself in the medium. The bottom line? I’ve seen some stuff, you better believe it!

It’s More Than a Game

Gaming is a lifestyle and one that plenty of people take seriously. Just as people have invested plenty of time and money on hobbies like fishing, golf and stamp collection. Seriously. Google it.

So if gaming is your thing, why do things half-heartedly? I really believe in getting the most out of video games and there’s been a lot of gamer gear that’s passed through these hands. Mostly, I have been sorely disappointed with a lot of the stuff I have spent my own money on throughout the years. So a big part of this site is the quest to find the good stuff. From cheap, but worthwhile, to no-expenses spared gear. It’s also about exploring the full extent of gaming. There are as many types of gamers as there are games. Which means each person has their own unique needs in terms of gear type, quality and function. I’ve tried to cover as much ground as possible here, so that anyone can put together the setup they need to get the most from their gaming experience.

Gaming On the Go

It used to be that, if you wanted to do some serious gaming, you’d have to do it in a particular place. Either you’d set up in your gaming zone at home, or schlep to the arcade or a friend’s house. The advent of handhelds like Gunpei Yokoi’s GameBoy liberated us from this. However, those games were a shadow of what gaming devices tethered to a power outlet could offer.

Today the situation could not be any more different. Modern handhelds like the Nintendo Switch offer the full AAA console experience wherever you may be. Gaming laptops have also come into their own. Not only are their prices more reasonable, they don’t represent a compromise in gaming performance any more.

I’ve covered quite a few topics that look at the more mobile side of the gaming hobby and honestly I think it represents a big part of gaming’s future.

When it comes to gaming laptops specifically, I’ve broken it down into three broad categories that should have everyone covered. The most important is probably the budget segment of the gaming laptop market. So if you care about bang for buck most of all, then check out my Best Budget Gaming Laptops page. You may be surprised to find that cheap no longer equates to junk.

Predictably, the next category I looked at was the midrange, with the Best Midrange Gaming Laptop page. These machines usually offer near-ultra detail experiences at fast frame rates at a price that’s substantial, but not unreasonable.

The last and most expensive option are the ultimate gaming laptops. No expense is spared in these beasts. Think of them as the hypercars of the gaming laptop world. Aspirational computers only for those with more money than they know what to do with.

Not sure what to look for in a gaming laptop? I’ve got you covered fam. Just check out the short gaming laptop buyer’s guide on this site.

Flying, Driving and Space!

If you wanted the best flight simulator experience in the past, you’d have to book some time on a professional machine at a flight school. Now you can build a home simulation rig that is very nearly as good as those multi-million dollar solutions. Whether you’re into flight, racing or something a little less Earth-bound, with a little money and some research you can have it all.

For those who want to go fast without the danger or expense, you can look into building a sim racing rig. Even if that’s not your goal, simulation games are better with the right controllers, so be sure to have a look at my flight stick and racing wheel reviews.

The Console Kings

PC gamers often have quite a bit of disdain for console “peasants”. Actually, it’s only a particular sort of toxic gamer that has this attitude. People who really love video games for their own merits often have several platforms they play on. Still, consoles are, on a technical level, usually not quite as advanced as gaming PCs. Yet they offer so much that PCs can. Ease of use is one example, but mostly consoles attract some of the most interesting exclusive games ever made.

Console accessories are a dime a dozen, but there are three main types I’ve highlighted. Aftermarket cooling kits are pretty controversial, but I think they do a good job of keeping a noisy consoles quiet. If you’re into that idea, check out my review roundup.

The Nintendo Switch is probably the last word in truly portable AAA gaming, so I’ve also dedicated a page to Switch cases and covers.

I’ve saved the most interesting console gear for last – kits that turn your home-bound living room console into a mobile game station. Yup, portable console kits are a real thing and they work quite well too!

VR Gamers United

Virtual reality has been a holy grail of gaming for decades. It’s also sucked for 99% of the time the technology has existed. Bad graphics, even worse framerates and a tendency to make users more than a little queasy didn’t do the tech any favors.

Now, VR has come of age. It’s fluid, convincing and unlike anything else the gaming world has to offer. Navigating this new way to experience virtual worlds can be confusing, so I’ve tried to outline the most important types of gear you’ll need to enter the VR universe, as well as what to look out for before spending your money.

The first stop is of course my roundup of VR headsets. I look at both premium tethered units and the newfangled standalone headset products. Then you can check out the weirder and wackier VR accessories. That is, the stuff too advanced for the mainstream right now. If none of what I just said makes any sense, head over to the VR Gaming Buyer’s Guide. VR gaming rigs also pair well with racing and flight sim rigs, if you’re into the one, it’s worth checking out the other.

Getting Comfortable

As you might expect, the types of gamer gear that gets all the attention relate to the games themselves. But, games don’t play themselves, you need a player. So what about the player and the gear they need to enjoy the experience more? You need a place to sit and a good place to store your kit.

To that end I’ve looked at finding the best examples of the more boring products gamers can buy. Gaming chairs are an obvious place to start, but we now also have specialized gaming desks, which are not nearly as silly as they sound. OK, some of them are, but not the ones I’ve highlighted.

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes and Ears

What’s the point of spending money on the latest and greatest gaming hardware, when you have to experience it through old and busted speakers and screens? Personally, I wait way too long before upgrading my screen and speaker setup. If you haven’t looked into the latest screen and audio technology, prepare to be blown away.

Gaming monitors are better than ever, but I’ve written guides on picking the right TV monitor for gaming and a more in-depth guide to gaming monitors.

A Guiding Light in the Gaming Darkness

Most people who know me wouldn’t describe me as any sort of expert. On anything. Still, I’ve made enough mistakes in the world of gaming that I think some people could learn what not to do from me. So I’ve written a few guides to help out the n00bs. Hey, everyone starts out as a n00b. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

For PC gamers, there’s quite a lot to talk about. After all, one of the defining features of being a PC gamer is how much choice you have in terms of hardware and budget. Choosing a gaming chassis is a good place to start. It’s literally the backbone of any gaming PC.

Keeping up with the PC gaming theme, I have a guide on mechanical keyboards along with some reviews.

For console fans, we should talk about the more elite options in that sphere. Specifically, whether elite consoles and elite gamepads are really worth the staggering premium price they command.

Finally, there are two topics I feel very strongly about. The first is what gamers with disabilities can do to get back into gaming or enjoy it to its fullest. Secondly, I have a beef with the scammy “gaming” products that get shoved in our faces. With those topics off my chest, I think there’s not much more to say.

Gear Up and Roll Out!

Well, that’s as good a tour as you’ll get of the site for now. There’s more to discover, so I recommend hitting up the guides first if you aren’t looking for anything in particular. If you are only here because you’re looking for advice on particular gear such as screens or headsets, then it’s fine to go straight to those sections, but do make a stop along the way. If you don’t mind.

Of course, what you should really be doing is playing video games. All of the above is just a preamble to reach gaming nirvana. So once you have the information you need, get your equipment, boot up your gaming rig of choice and start playing like your life depended on it.