How much time do you spend thinking about your furniture? For some people the answer is “not at all” while for others it’s “way too much”. As a gamer you need to think about furniture in two main ways. One, as something that has to support you physically while you game. Gaming chairs are the object of choice here. The other type of furniture is the kind that holds up your gaming equipment. For PC gamers (and some console gamers) that means a desk.

Now, any old desk can be used for gaming, but what makes a desk a gaming desk? As you’ll see here, that’s a term that can be stuck on many desk and desk-like objects.

To me, a gaming desk is about more than “gamer style” designs, although there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s about acknowledging how we use our gaming PCs and the type of equipment we are most likely to use. These desks might accommodate large full towers or ultrawide screens. They could have hooks for headsets and baskets for accessories. In the end, they are designed to make the gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable for a specific kind of gamer.

The desks I’m looking at here were chosen because they looked interesting, have nice features, or come with special gaming ergonomics. Hopefully there’s at least one for every type of gamer who prefers the desk to the lounge.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Sometimes, simpler is better. This desk from Arozzi certainly looks quite basic, but actually a lot of thought has gone into its design. Which is why it also comes with a rather hefty price tag!

In terms of design, I immediately fell in love with this one. It looks incredibly solid and that subtle curve at the front of the desk looks amazing. Likewise, the bold colors really work for me personally.

Arozzi provides a custom cut mouse pad that covers the ENTIRE surface of the desk. It weighs a whopping seven pounds and does more than simply provide a surface for your mouse. It’s thick, which makes it comfortable to rest your hands on, while being held in place by its own weight and whatever equipment you decide to put on top of it.

Underneath the desk you’ll find an elegant cable management system. Cutouts in the desk lead to a net which holds excess cabling. That means if you use a wired mouse and keyboard, you can hide the cabling along with the monitor cables. That’s neat! Literally.

The best feature however, is the fact that you can adjust the height of the desk. This means you can fine-tune the ergonomics of your setup and get as comfortable as possible. The top is deep and wide, allowing for elite triple monitor setups. Yes, this is a high-end desk with a high-end price. However, it’s likely to last you until you get sick of it, rather than when it stops working as intended. The longer it lasts, the cheaper the annual cost will be. I’m sorely tempted to save up for one myself.

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk

There’s no way to get around the fact that this desk from Atlantic looks pretty spindly. After having examined the Arozzi above, this one seems a little thin on the structural integrity front. Then again, this cost four times less than the Arozzi desk and the look is clearly intentional. Atlantic has used thick wireframe as the basic structure of this desk. As a stylistic choice it’s interesting, but at least it is consistent. Everything from the cupholder to the under-desk basket is made from this wireframe, including the actual legs.

One really brilliant feature is the inclusion of a monitor stand. It supports up to the weight of a typical 27” monitor. If you have a 32” screen, you’ll need to remove it, though.

Kinsal Blade Series Gaming Style Computer Desk

The Kinsal Blade looks absolutely stunning. There is no doubt about its purposes as an entertainment station. Just look at those legs! That’s some futuristic stuff. You’d expect it to walk off like some sort of robot. I’m usually not down for the more radical designs, but this is pretty awesome!

I am not, however, a fan of the red color scheme. Luckily, it is also available in black for people who want something a little less loud.

The desk has built-in RGB lighting, which is pretty cool if you want to really bring home that this is a fancy gaming desk. This desk has some of the neatest cable management I have seen. There’s a tray underneath the main surface in which you can put your whole power strip, so only the power strip cable will actually trail from the desk. There’s a cable management grommet on each end of the desk, which itself has a raised edge, so no knocking your controller off the desk by mistake. As I have done time and time again.

There are some nice value-added features as well – a cupholder and headphone hook being principal among them. The best part of this purpose-built desk has to be the price, though. It’s reportedly stable, well-packaged, and easy to assemble, so the low price blew me away. When I’m next in the market for a gaming desk, this is definitely on my shortlist.

AuAg 47” Enhanced Larger Gaming Desk

This desk from AuAg looks a heck of a lot like the Kinsal Blade desk at first glance. I would not be surprised if they are made using the same basic frame or at least design. However, if you look at the stated dimensions you see they differ ever so slightly. The headphone hook and cup holder are different as well. The paint job also looks like a new variation. This means this is almost, but not quite, the same product as far as I can tell. Another thing that’s almost the same is the price, which means if you are stuck choosing between these two, it’s all about the finish and the small details. For example, I like having the headphone hook and cup holder on opposite sides of the desk – a point in favor of the AuAg. Other than that, there’s nothing to separate them. So pick the one that has the look you prefer.

LYNSLIM Gaming Desk

This desk from Lynslim looks a little pedestrian compared to the likes of the Kinsal Blade, but that doesn’t mean it looks boring in its own right. The R-shaped frame is actually pretty neat and the desktop itself is pretty basic, but nicely finished and rounded. It provides a similar amount of space to those more expensive desk options, and you get the headphone hook and cup holder that should be a minimum requirement these days.

What is there more to say about this? Well, I like how there are two electrical sockets and two USB ports built into the desktop, though they are US-style for the specific desk we are looking at here. So confirm the one you’re getting has the right sort of plugs.

While I think the idea is OK, I actually prefer the under-desk tray for a power strip, with one or two grommets to feed the cable through. If you use these desk-inset sockets, then you have the cabling sticking up out of it. Perhaps there’s some additional special plug design that can help, but for me that’s a bit of a dealbreaker. Otherwise, a really nice desk at an incredible price.

IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Gaming Eureka Ergonomic Z2 Gaming Desk

This desk from Eureka Ergonomic pushed the price premium up quite a bit, into the upper-mid range if you ask me. But does it justify that higher outlay? It’s an incredibly slim and elegant design, often referred to as a “Z” desk. It leaves plenty of space against the wall between the desktop and floor.

The most impressive thing about the Z2 is how Eureka has managed to put hidden doodads all over the place. The cup holder pops out when you need it, but when you aren’t using it you wouldn’t know it was there to begin with.

That theme is repeated throughout the product. There’s a slot for your phone, a little storage box that flips open on the right hand side, and a unique grommet design that sets the desk apart from everything else I have seen so far.

The main ergonomic feature of the desk is the inclined keyboard and mouse area. The front part of the desk is sloped in such a way that your wrists are at a comfortable angle. Very cool indeed and something that almost sells me on this desk by itself.

It’s also next-level when it comes to cable management. There are numerous ports and routes for your cables. Since many gamers (not me) don’t use wireless keyboards and mice, it’s awesome that this desk allows you to hide those cables. Likewise, you can run your speaker and monitor cables through dedicated routes as well. All the routes terminate in a compartment for a powerstrip and USB connection. It’s one of the neatest solutions I have seen so far.

There’s a privacy baffle which also hides the cables underneath the desktop and, of course, it has the RGB treatment gamers crave too. Now, is this desk worth its price – nearly double that of the entry-level desks on display here? Given how much thought has gone into its design, I am inclined to say yes! I would certainly pay this much for it and I think plenty of other gamers would too. Definitely a top contender if you’re shopping in this price bracket.

Tribesigns Computer Desk

I think Tribesigns might be taking a chance by throwing in the word “gaming” along with all the other purposes they think this desk is suitable for. The fact is, this is obviously aimed at professional users such as video editors. Even the marketing pictures clearly show a dual-monitor Mac Pro setup.

That being said, this certainly has the potential to be a very nice gaming product; especially if you want to also use your gaming computer for work or don’t want something with a loud gamer aesthetic.

This desk is huge and seems to have room for just about anything. There’s a special raised shelf for your flatscreen monitors. The desk is 55” wide, which is big enough for a massive ultrawide screen. The space under the shelf isn’t wasted either. You can stick satellite speakers there, as well as USB optical drives, external hard drives, and other devices that don’t need to be in reach.

Unlike most gaming desks, this workstation desk has a shelf for your tower chassis. From the images it’s big enough for a Mac Pro, but you can compare the stated shelf dimensions with your own PC to make sure it all fits. Combined with a nice big mousepad this could be a good middle road between office desk and gaming desk. The price is also very agreeable, so I’m confident in labeling this as the best non-gaming gaming desk I’ve seen so far.

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 Gt Battlestation

Thermaltake has an excellent reputation as a maker of all things gamer gear. They started out as mainly a power supply company, but now you’ll find their name on all sorts of things.

This desk comes in at a rather stiff price, yet has almost no styling to speak of. It looks more like an industrial workstation than something a gamer would use. So why is it so darn expensive?

As far as I can tell, the main reason this is so expensive, compared to other desks with similar looks and functionality, has to do with ergonomics. Specifically, this is actually a standing desk. Standing desks have become a major health fad over the last few years, as research has shown that sitting around all day in front of a computer is seriously bad for your health. The entire desk can be raised or lowered as needed.

Of course, after standing desks suddenly got so popular, more research happened. There’s some evidence that standing desks can come with their own health issues, so it’s best to mix it up if possible.

So, if you take the price of the Thermaltake relative to what general standing desks cost, it’s actually not that expensive. I just wish it looked a little more inviting, but if the functionality is top-notch then it can make up for mild ugliness.

The desktop surface is quite nice. It’s an anti-scratch coating that will hopefully keep the desk looking good as new for years. You also get a desk-sized pad to cover it with once assembly is done. Presumably Thermaltake will sell you a replacement if the one that comes with the desk ever wears out.

It has the expected cable management bracket and enough space for your large monitor and large tower, although personally I prefer not to have my PC case right by my face where the fans are the loudest.

The Battlestation certainly seems very strong and very well-made, but it’s too basic and ugly for my liking. If you want a standing desk, have a big setup, and dig the industrial looks, it’s a good deal. Everyone else should probably look elsewhere.

AmazonBasics Three Piece Corner Gaming Computer Desk

AmazonBasics has been a huge success for the company. These are “store brand” products that Amazon sources at really good prices. The main appeal of these products has been budget prices, with mid-tier quality and features. Often when it comes to accessories, an AmazonBasics product is the best value for money without being junk.

While this desk is just a little too expensive to be the cheapest example here, it offers much more than desks that are just a little lower in price.

This is a three-piece modular desk; you can squeeze the desk into a corner for some decent space saving. The corner piece can house your tower underneath and there’s a keyboard tray under the main part of the desk.

It looks quite nice as well, with a steel frame and tempered glass top. As a general-purpose desk, this is pretty good! That’s where my praise stops, however. I can’t really believe that Amazon has marketed this as a gaming desk. It has no gaming-specific features, for one thing. So it’s not clear what justifies the label. Even worse, a keyboard tray has never been suitable for PC gaming. At least not in my experience. They tend to wobble, put you into an uncomfortable position, and have no space for the mouse.

Likewise, tempered glass is not a great surface for gaming mice, so you’ll have to cover it with a huge mousepad anyway. It’s a nice desk for office jockeys and students, but gamers should give it a hard pass.